A retreat is an opportunity to intentionally set aside a longer, dedicated time to practice mindfulness in a community setting, or even on personal retreat. On retreat, we slow down, disconnect and learn to enjoy simple and peaceful living, and practice cultivating the energy of mindfulness. Attending retreats is a vital way to nourish our practice, deepen our awareness, and cultivate our compassion and kindness toward ourselves and others. Being as Plum Village is a monastic Sangha, we highly encourage regular participation at retreats hosted by the monastics at the monasteries. The monastics dedicate their lives to the practice and hold a container so that we may be held in the embodied practice.

“To persevere and be open to change,
to have regular contact with monks and nuns,
and to fully participate in Dharma discussions —
this is the greatest happiness.”

Part of the “Discourse on Happiness” / Maṅgala Sutta, Sutta Nipāta 2.4

Scholarships are offered from SnowFlower Sangha (as Four Lakes is part of SnowFlower) to assist Sangha Members to go on retreat. Scholarships are available for all regular members to go to regional retreats in the Plum Village Tradition, and visits/retreats to national Plum Village Monasteries. To request a scholarship, please visit SnowFlower Sangha’s Retreat page.

Regional Retreats in the Plum Village Tradition

None Currently

Retreats at US Plum Village Monasteries

Please check the individual monasteries for their up-to-date retreat information.

Magnolia Grove Meditation Practice Center (Batesville, MS)

  • November 5 – February 4, 2024: Three Month Autumn Retreat
  • November 23 – 27, 2023 : Thanksgiving Celebration
  • December 28 – January 01, 2024: Holiday Retreat

Blue Cliff Monastery (Pine Bush, NY)

  • December 28 – Jan 1, 2024: Holiday Retreat

Deer Park Monastery (Escondido, CA)

  • December 29 – January 02, 2024: Holiday Retreat
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